Hi Brad,Thanks for the free software and elseciaply the video on how to best use it. I have a feature request here and I hope this is the place to request it. I would like to see a module that will not only identify information on keywords in a specified niche but also go further and identify those keywords in a search as being profitable or not by watching and ranking adwords ads and websites connected to those keywords by longevity, ad position, whether the ads are for clickbank products, cj products, ebay products, or other affiliate product programs or whether the keyword ads lead to landing pages or private websites etc. There should be a copy button for those long-life ads that are making money enabling us to edit and paste them into our own adwords accounts. Ideally, it would also create an optimized landing page and optimized WYSIWYG web-page template for each identified profitable keyword complete with a sitemap, contact page, tos and top links page (including links to the order page of the product in question and be able to pull 3 nearly optimized articles for that keyword that we can edit and/or insert into our website via ftp. All in an easy to understand and properly formatted table format with clear links telling us what can be done with that link. I read about software modules like this but the sellers want way too much for automating what smart marketers already do manually with a team of workers in excel spreadsheets or with their own system. I hope you can include it in the future updates to either Keyword Elite or SEO Elite or both. I look forward to seeing it in future updates.Thanks for everything,Bruce

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