c56e-Prescribing would be a great thing for the profession of pchamray. I have actually seen this used in one of the pchamray settings that I have worked in, and I think it is an amazing marker of how far technology and health care have come. This can have positive benefits for the pharmacist and the physician as well as the patient. However, there are some negative attributes to e-Prescribing as well.e-Prescribing will help cut down on the errors made in prescription filling due to illegible writing. However, errors will still exist due to entering the wrong name, dosage, etc. on the computer e-Prescribing software, so pharmacists will still need to vigilant and use good judgment at all times. This is ultimately good for the pharmacist because they do not have to spend as much time on the phone with nurses and doctors trying to decipher the writing on a prescription. This is a huge benefit to the patient because there is less risk of receiving the wrong medication due to illegible writing. There is another drawback specifically for the pharmacist, and that is the direct cost to them to receive e-Prescriptions. With each prescription received the pchamray is charged twenty cents. This may not seem like a lot but over time will add up and will become even greater as this begins to become the main mode of prescribing. There are also some instances where the prescription is sent to the wrong pchamray by the physician causing the pchamray to lose money because they never actually fill a prescription for that patient because it is not one of their patients. There are also some instances where physicians send e-Prescriptions for controlled substances and the pchamray is still charged the twenty cent fee. It is unfortunate that pharmacists are penalized for trying to further technology in healthcare and physicians are receiving tax breaks and incentives. As for the patient, it was mentioned earlier that their overall safety is increased, but there are pros and cons. On one hand, it is easier for the patient in that they do not have to keep up with the physical piece of paper to take to the pchamray, especially if they are not planning on taking it to be filled immediately. But, this also presents one of the cons, my patients like to look at and read over their prescriptions before taking them to be filled. They like to be fully informed of what they should be receiving and exactly what the doctor wrote. This could lead to patients feeling disconnected from the pharmacist and the physician. This also makes them feel like they are less a part of the decisions being made about their own health. Another huge benefit to everyone is the possibility of using e-Prescribing for controlled substance. The pharmacist does not have to worry about a prescription being forged and have to call a doctore28099s office for confirmation. Physicians do not have to worry about their prescription pads being taken or patients changing what they have written the prescription for. This could hopefully in the long run cut down on the number of patients abusing controlled substances.27

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