If you decide to study engineering in Computer Networks, you will be able to work in a technology multinational, in a computer security company, a telecommunications company or in the mobile device manufacturing industry. The possibilities it offers you are almost endless.

This career gives its graduates the necessary knowledge to perform in many areas of labor application.

Its students also prepare to develop tasks and processes that improve the quality and experience of customers according to the sector where the company is located.

Within this career you will study subjects such as Database Structure, Electromagnetic Theory, Statistics and Graphic Interfaces.

What makes it a multidisciplinary career is that the graduate masters a variety of subjects on electronics, calculus, software programming, and physics.

Below we will show you tasks that are required by companies for these professionals:

Carry out the computer integration of servers with networks and communications within organizations.

More Info: https://technical-issues-answers.blogspot.com/2020/08/network-engineer-qualifications_18.html

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