1. Copay and Cost2. Retail pharmacy pts.3. The goal of this app would be to alert and ifnorm patients of their copay and any problems running their prescriptions on their given insurance. This would cut down on a number of things including the shock factor/emotions that come along with surprising a patient with a large payment because a medication is not covered, it would help with customer service because patients would be made aware of problems before showing up and expecting their drugs to be ready, and it would increase work flow and decrease patient wait times.4. Primary challenge of this app would be to have customers utilize it correctly. Ideally patient would send notification as to the problem and tell possible solutions. Most patients would probably see it as a problem and just call and start being angry about something as opposed to reading the alert and helping the pharmacy help them. Also, not all patients have smart phones especially in certain areas so it may not be of benefit in certain places.

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