69a1. Hypertension2. Patients 3a. This app will help patients to bteetr control their hypertension. It will remind them to take their medications at the recommended times, and will remind them to have their prescriptions refilled in advance. It will help them to keep track of daily life activities that will help them get to, and remain at, their blood pressure goal e28093 they will be able to enter the amount of physical activity they perform daily and the foods they eat. The app will determine nutritional information such as sodium content and will give patients recommendations about what they could do to improve. The app will also keep track of the patientse28099 blood pressure e28093 whether they check it at home or have it taken by a health care provider, they will be able to input the values and see a graph of their blood pressure over time. If it is at goal it will be in a green zone to show them that they are successfully controlling their blood pressure. If it is above goal it will be in a red zone to let them know that they should try to make some changes to get to goal. Patients will be able to share this data with their physicians during visits. 3b. For this app to be successful, patients will have to be committed to using it daily and throughout the day. It will not be able to keep track of their physical activity and diet without input from the patient. The reminders about medication regimen will not be helpful if the patient ignores them. The graph of their blood pressure will not be informative if the app is not provided with regular blood pressure values. The usefulness of the app depends significantly on the user.27

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