Considering the possible side efcfets I wouldn't want to try it.onsiderationsSince Vig Rx is an herbal supplement, the same regulation and standardization used in prescription medication does not apply. Actually, they don't even need to go through any sort of legitimate clinical trials. They can merely claim that thousands of men have found success without any side effect while using Vig Rx.WarningThough? the makers claim that there are no side efcfets, a number of the ingredients used in the makeup of the supplement have some risks, including insomnia, nosebleeds, nausea, diarrhea and constipation, loss of appetite, dry mouth, seizures, rapid heart rate and chest pain. While Vig Rx is said to help with sexual potency, you may be surprised to find that some of the other common side efcfets are impotence and loss of libido.Expert InsightWhen? you do decide to use Vig Rx as a course of action to treat erectile dysfunction, make sure to contact your doctor if you experience any of the aforementioned side efcfets and discontinue use of the herbal supplement. Make sure to tell your doctor when you are on this or any other herbal sexual stimulant as the active ingredients could affect the efficacy of certain medications.

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