agree with you.  It's always uptesting to me when main stream media runs a slander report on Vitamin D.  The public tunes in to CNN.Yes,  it is entirely possible (IMO) that big pharma pushes D2 because it most likely will not produce the positive results D3 would have produced .Plus, as you mentioned, big pharma also makes profit as D2 is still a script.URGH! Oh well, it isn't a perfect world.We enlightened folk will need to continue on with our Vitamin D Mission.Walk your talk, people. [url=]rkjdhm[/url] [link=]ohruduu[/link]
 John, just in case, I would make sure your antivirus is out of date and maybe run a scan with the free <a href="">maawyrebltes</a> application.  IMO the biggest thing you can do to increase your all-around security on the web is to browse with Firefox using the NoScript plugin -- one of the top 3 most downloaded plugins last time I checked.  It's a bit of  pain, because you have to "whitelist" domains, and at first you will have some head-scratching moments trying to figure out why various sites aren't responding.  But the 80/20 law applies... within a few days you will have whitelisted most of the domains you use on a regular basis.

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