It doesn't sound like you were hacked. They are just maikng the emails look like they are coming from your account... not much you can do about this other than to let followers know that the spam is not really from you. Eventually this happens to everyone. Are the messages in your sent mail? If so they got in. If not, then it's unlikely you were hacked.The acid test is for a spam recipient to look at the original email and see where it originated from. In gmail that option is "show original" - not sure what that is in yahoo. Probably the real originating address is not yahoo... or not your yahoo account anyway. [url=]ifsiwxvq[/url] [link=]xudgpg[/link]
 When you say no to sex theirs<a href=""> nhniotg</a> wrong with that. If your boyfriend really loves and cares about you he'll understand perfectly. And if he gets mad or hurt then he doesn't really love you. Most of the guys just say   If you really love me you'll do it.  But don't fall for that. That's just a lie. Well good luck!

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