Hi Nephele!I know some agents prdvoie editorial assistance to clients prior to subbing to publishers (if they think the MS needs some tweaking). Do Knight Agency agents prdvoie this service?Also (sorry, sneaking one more in!), is the agency open for queries the rest of this month? I didn't see anything noted on the homepage.Many thanks for your time!Jen
 bbarreiro dit :Dear Helen,Not sure you received an aswenr about your question  the wine is called Arrogant Frog Sticky White and is available at Woolworths!Have a great time, and don t miss to see the Arrogant Frog on the road this Sunday, July 17, around 16.30 French time  the TOUR DE FRANCE will pass just in front of the Estate in Montagnac !regardsthe humble winemaker

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