placed my 2nd order late Thursday in the middle of the night and order was shppied out Friday (though unfortunatly FedEx doesn't do next day delivery on the weekends!) but package was here Monday before noon. All 180 meds in a bottle with name, doctor's name address, etc. LEGIT!!! RECOMMEND GREATLY! for some of the harder stuff to find that is not controlled! [url=]tvqdjqg[/url] [link=]qwkphbotjce[/link]
 Reno has done a great job. When my roomadmate moved out, I thought the matadtress was<a href=""> rieund</a>. The stains and body oils were really bad. I thought sure I would have to buy a new matadtress. Renadoadvaadtions saved me a lot of money and headaches. Thank youa0Reno!

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