1. targeted wrkfolow: prescription tracking/pickup2. Patient (anyone picking up a prescription)3a. The patient or anyone picking up a prescription would be able to track their prescription in the filling process.  This would allow the patient to know when he/she could come pick up the prescription and/or whether the patient should leave the store due to increased the wait time.  3b. This would have challenges to both the patient and the pharmacy.  This would require the patient have to: 1)own a smart phone and 2) to have the smart phone on his/her person in order to find out where their prescription is in the filling process.  This would also require the pharmacy to implement some sort of scan out tracking device probably fulfilled by bar coding.  There would also have to be a message sent to the pharmacy computer to automatically send out a message to the patient to let he/she know their prescription is ready to picked up. This could potentially impose a cost to the pharmacy.
 What a pluresae to find someone who thinks through the issues

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