1.Prescription compounding2.Pharmacist3a. This app will aissst pharmacists in the compounding of prescriptions by supplying them with formulations of several prescribed compounds along with the suggested method used in compounding those prescriptions. This app will also have the ability for the pharmacist to add notes which will aid in keeping record of the ratios of ingredients for returning patients that require refills for compounds that had to initially have a slight adjustment on one or more of the ingredients in the compound. For example, one patient may have a prescription with six refills and the standard formulation calls for three ingredients all having equal portions. However, one of those ingredients may be adjusted to suit the patient’s needs. Often, when the patient comes back for a refill the pharmacist forgets to make the adjustment and compounds the standard formulation either leading to a product that has a decreased efficacy and is still dispensed to the patient or having to redo it over which takes up more of the pharmacist’s time and the waste of the first compounded product. This app will save time in the pharmacy and improve patient therapy by allowing notes to be added for returning patients who have refills of a specific formulation slightly altered from the standard compound and supplying the pharmacist with formulations that can be quickly retrieved.3b. This app requires that the pharmacist working to have access to his phone throughout the day. This might be a problem when a pharmacist is working that does not have access to the app. Furthermore, when a pharmacist records the specific ingredient ratio for a certain patient it would only be recorded in that pharmacist’s app and when the patient returned for their refill if a different pharmacist was working they would not have access to the formulation needed.

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