The IVPI Project  (Interactive Video Package Insert)1. Targeted on Counseling aspect of  all mecinatiods. It allows the patient to choose between interactive video counseling, in person pharmacist counseling, or both.2. Intended user: health care provider, to show the IVPI on the spot to the patient and/or email the personalized link to the patient  for a future date. The patient may also use it as a central resource for their own drug information education. 3. a.This app will serve as a centralized hub for interactive video based package inserts.  The App acts as a centralized place for all prescriptioninformation for the consumer as well as a link to the provider for knowing that the patient received the information. The app will send the patient a Personalized identification link that will notify the sender (pharmacist) whether the video has been opened by the specific recipient or not. This information will sync to the health care providers smart phone and tell them the name of the person who they sent the link and has not watched it. so the next time they are in the pharmacy, the pharmacist can provide them with that information they missed last time. This can also work as a checkpoint for the doctor to require to patient to take the 5 minute interactive video certification before receiving the prescription. Detail:The interactive videos based package inserts willbriefly teach and quiz the patient on the key points of their new medication. It sort of  Certifies  that the patient understands their medication completely. The videos will also reenforce the roles of the pharmacist in serving the public as a personal free medication information source and a check point for self care options and  a gate guard for medication related malpractice.b. The App requires the patient to have access to the internet and an email. Also requires that they have video viewing capability if they are watching it on their own. The app is largely based upon having the Interactive Video Package inserts created. Otherwise it is just app that sends links that notifies the sender that the link has been clicked.

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