1. OTC and New Antibiotic Drugs Contraindications2. Patient and/or student3. a.The goal of this app will be to awensr questions about mixing over the counter medications with their new antibiotic prescriptions. I know so many friends and moms confused with what they can take or give to their kids in addition to their new antibiotics This will allow patients and care givers to know when they can add otc medicine, like a pain reliever, to an antibiotic. It will also help help them keep track of the dosing schedule, when they have to give the antibiotic and what time they can give additional medication. It can be set to give a reminder for the next dose of an antibiotic or OTC medication. Hopefully the calendar/reminder would help the patient complete the whole antibiotic regimen, even when they feel better .3b. The primary challenge would be having the patients enter the correct length, dosage and drug of their antibiotic, as well as entering the correct information about the OTC product they are wanting to add. It would also have to take into account age, allergies, and other medications.

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