1.) MedMate? (Rx, OTC, and Herbal Interaction Predictor)2.) Patients (But utility for Healthcare Professionals)3.) MedMate? aolwls users to set up a patient profile that includes important health information. Patients will have the opportunity to input their current medications, disease states, allergies, and other patient-specific information. MedMate? will then use this information to inform the patient of prescriptions, OTC products and herbal supplements that they should avoid or use with caution. MedMate? will also be able to offer recommendations for common symptoms and ailments.Patients must be instructed to consult their pharmacist before making any medical decisions. MedMate? is not a substitute for seeking professional healthcare. MedMate? is best utilized when it is able to connect to the internet. As such, patients unable to connect to the internet may not receive the full benefit of MedMate?.

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