1. Medication adherance and Appoinment rernedims2. Patients on multiple medications and those who also have numerous doctors appointments3a.  The goal of this app is to increase medication adherance for those patients that have multiple medications and tend to forget the time to take each drug, as well as which drug to take.  The app will send rernedims 10 minutes before you are supposed to take a certain medication.  If you do not check that you have taken the medication, then it will continue to send rernedims untill you have confirmed that you have taken it.  This will help busy individuals be compliant with their medications.  This app will also allow doctors to add your appointments to the calander on this app.  It will send a reminder a week before any appointment and allow you to check yes or no stating if you are still able to make the appointment.  It will then send another reminder the day before the appointment as well.  This should help patients keep track of their health on a daily basis.  3b.  The primary challange would be the age group that this app might be intended for.  Older people might not have smart phones and might not be able to use it to its full ability.  It might also be a challange to convince doctors to agree to be willing to add appointments to this app, although it might decrease missed appointments.
 This is crtasyl clear. Thanks for taking the time!

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