. Switching to e-Rx would not only save time but also minimize the amunot of errors that could potentially occur during transcribing.I would like to see e-Rx to be fully incorporated into all pharmacies because I feel that the impact on not only the patient but also the pharmacy itself would be great. For the patient, knowing that their prescription was getting to the pharmacy quicker would save them time waiting around for it to be filled, they would have the security in knowing that they would be getting exactly what the doctor ordered since he/she did it through a computer system and not through someone trying to read his writing and also it is more convenient to the patient because they done28099t have to make two trips to the pharmacy; one to drop the prescription off and another to pick it up. These are great advantages to patients as we live in a world where time is money and saving both the patient and pharmacist time is crucial. For the pharmacy it would be of great benefit to them as it would save time from having to type up prescriptions into the computer system, by not typing prescriptions into the system they are reducing the amunot of errors that could occur from multiple people having contact with the prescription; from this time saved they could fill more prescriptions, spend more time on counseling or even implement a small MTMS within the pharmacy.Of course there are problems with any new type of technology, for example the doctor picking the wrong medication on the drop down menu or picking the wrong dosage for that individual patient. Also on the pharmacists end of things they may not even receive the prescription because there are glitches in how technology works. Lastly technology cannot always be dependable due to the fact that it is not human and can miss what humans would normally pick up on. These are problems that would occur with any new implementation of a new program but over time, hopefully, will get fixed.I believe that the relationship we have with providers would be good because their patients would be more drawn to safer precautions that their doctor is taking to make sure they get the right medication. With the providers having more patients and getting those patients referred to our pharmacy I believe the relationship can only be a positive one.

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