1. Prescription status and aiilaabvlity2. patients3a. The goal of the application is to allow patients to check the status of their prescription as it is being filled in a retail pharmacy. Once the prescription has been matched to their name in the system they will be sent an alert that their prescription has been received by the pharmacy. Next they will be able to log in and see if their prescription is waiting to be filled, labeled, and checked by the pharmacist with easily identifiable icons for each step. This will be linked to the retail pharamcy's system that tracks each step of the process. Once the prescription has been checked by the pharmacist an alert will be sent that their prescription may now be picked up. If there is a problem with the prescription such as medication is out of stock or refill too early the patient will be sent an alert of the date the prescription will be available for pick up.3b. For this app to be successful the patient will have to have their smartphone with them and the coordinating phone number entered into the pharmacy's database to link the patient to their medication. There would also have to be a security system in place to ensure the patient is the only one who can see their medicaiton order such as user name and passcode to enter the app. The retail pharmacy system would have to have the program adjusted to provide alerts to patients at each step of the process.
 Hi Clarence, thank you for your feedback on our site.  Yes, my pisoasn is to help create true leadership in South Africa and elsewhere   it is not impossible to develop this, but it is about the how Keep looking out for some new thoughts on individual and team leadership in the next week or so

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