1. Patient compliance with tinkag medications2. Patient3a. The goal of this app will serve as a reminder to patients about when to take their medications and improve patient compliance. Patients will input prescription and OTC medications and how they are to be taken. For example, they will input time of day to take the medication, how many times a day to take it, take medication on an empty stomach, etc. Once a patient inputs his or her medication regimen and what time of day to take that medication, a notification will pop up on the phone as a reminder. Patients will also have the option to receive text message or e-mail notifications. The name and picture of the medication will be shown along with any additional information. This app will also be useful for patients who are on an acute antibiotic regimen where dosing can be three or four times a day. 3b. This app requires a patient to input a set time that he or she normally takes a medication every day. This poses a problem if a person’s schedule varies day to day. For example, a person who needs to take a medication 30 minutes before eating breakfast will run into a problem if he or she begins the day earlier than normal.

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