At last, somoene comes up with the "right" answer!
 1) Prescription Tracker2) Retail Pharmacy Patients3a) This app would allow patients to track the perorgss of their prescriptions from beginning to end.  This would include everything from the initial call-in or fax by the physician through any insurance problems such as prior authorizations, waiting for refill authorizations from physicians or even display potential drug interactions the pharmacist may have to contact physicians about.  Patients will be able to play a more active role in the perorgss of their prescriptions.  They will be able to see exactly what or if any issues exist with their prescriptions and what party is handling them (ie the pharmacy, insurance company or physician's office).3b) The primary challenge to the success of this application would be the patient competency level.  If there is a prior authorization pending or the physician is being contacted about a potential drug interaction the patient may not understand exactly what that means.

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