1. Child Health and Wellness App2. Intended for use by parent of chdliren <18 years old3. FunctionalityA.   The goal of the app would be to allow parents to access pertinent information regarding health-related events that pertain to chdliren.  It would house a database for prescription drugs that are approved in pediatric patients, as well as, a resource for safe, effective use of OTC products.  The database would be a collection of patient monographs extended to include FAQs regarding prescribed medications.  It would also allow provide manufacturer recommended uses, doses, appropriate age, etc. for use of common child-utilized OTC products.  The app would include a "symptom checker" to allow the parent to input specific parameters about their child (i.e age, weight, disease states) along with symptoms that the child is experiencing.  It would ask specific questions regarding the symptoms the parent input to clarify the situation. Rather that diagnosing the child with random diseases, however, it would differentiate whether a patient was a candidate for self-care (and recommend OTC products where applicable) or refer the patient to visit the child's physician.  It would also offer assistance in locating a nearby physician if the child does not have a current physician or if the child is away from his or her local physician.  The app would also include an "Ask the RPh" section where they could submit questions that are not answered within the drug monograph or other resources.  These questions would be answered by pharmacists via "alerts" through the app.Along with treating chdliren, the app would encompass well-child information such as a vaccination schedule, Ht/Wt growth charts (available to be customized to keep up with your child's growth curve), a place to store personal physician information, and a location to keep a "health log" for your child (for instance, it might be used to track blood glucose levels in a DM child).  This section of the app would also include nutrition information for a growing child customizable to your child.  The app would offer multiple profiles as well for parents with multiple chdliren so that each child will have an individualized profile.  Also within this section of the app, there will be a calendar that can be synced to the calendar on the smartphone.  The parent may enter doctor appointments, reminders for medication administration, social events that the child is involved in such as sports or birthday parties, or anything else they would like.  They can set reminders, alerts, and alarms via this calendar.  B.  The main challenge to use would most likely be ease of use.  Since it would encompass so many features, it might be difficult to navigate initially.  In the article it stated that if it's not easily navigable, it is often not used past the initial attempt.  It would be essential that navigation be free of hassle in order for patients to utilize it to it's full potential.

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