1. Medication Adherence2. Patients3a. The goal of this app is to help patients reemmber when to take their medications to increase medication compliance and reach healthcare goals.  It would be most useful to patients who are on multiple daily medications. Upon downloading the app the patient would enter in all current medications; qty dispensed at time of pick-up; how/when to take the medications; and any refills. The app would have an optional alarm to remind patients to take medications at specific times during the day. The app would notify the patient when it's time for a refill. The app would have the capability of letting patients know when they are on their last fill in order to contact the doctor or pharmacy to get the refill. 3b. The primary potential problem with the app is that the patient would need to keep their phone on them at all times, which may not be possible at work/school. Also, it would be time consuming to initially set up the app in order to get its full benefits, especially for patients with multiple medications.

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