1. Newborn/Infant Care/Vaccines2. Patient3a. This app will help patients with nernowbs and small children remember when all vaccinations are due and also various other OTC remedies and simple solutions to the basic problems of caring for nernowbs and children.  Newborns require many vaccinations and doctors appointments during the first two years of life and this app would help remind the patient when a vaccination is due and when the next appointment with the doctor will be.3b. The primary challenge to this app would be that the patient would have to check off when vaccines are received and when doctors visits were made so that they can be reminded of upcoming appointments.  Another challenge would be the OTC suggestions and other simple remedies.  These would have to be used at the patients own risk.  This app is not created to get rid of patients needing to see a doctor rather to facilitate their doctors visits.
 This is the perfect way to break down this inrtnmaoiof.

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