1. If I could design an app, it would be a gluocse monitoring app that would be linked to the patient's pharmacy.2. The intended users of this app are patients and pharmacists.3a. The goal of my app would be to optimize treatment of diabetes. Patients would receive alerts at a minimum of 3 times per day to remind them to track their blood gluocse. I would also like to be able to track what foods the patient is eating and how much insulin (if on insulin therapy) the patient administered to themselves.3b.A primary challenge to my app would be intimidation on the patients part. Some might feel like they should not tell us what they actually ate that day and may lie, which would make this app ineffective. Also, it may be quite time consuming to track all of this information and some patients may not have smartphones to participate in this program.
 It's a joy to find soenmoe who can think like that

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