This is starting to sound fialmiar.It is up to the educational institute student to read the catalog, educational institute student handbook, and all financial aid documents prior to signing anything.Tuition is refundable according to the schedule outlined in the catalog.Dont ask a fellow educational institute student what a policy is: go to the office in charge of the policy. Complaining will not work either. I sense that there are a few facts missing  here: for example, did you ATTEND the class? WHEN did you fill out the correct DROP form and bring it to the registrar?Understand that CC is probably the least expensive option out there for a college degree. Book prices are not within the control of the college, and it is a well-known fact that textbooks are expensive. The college itself receives very little from the bookstore: usually it is a vendor who also has a right to make a profit.Now, go back to class, and the next time you are unsure if you want to take a class or not, do NOT sign in, do NOT  attend' the first day.

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