* SuSE [#r922c266]
 y not? i love my husband,but if i otluive him,i will scope out all the old guys and start dating.he knows,hes even suggested one guy as his replacement!!!! (because he reminds him,of himself and knows he would treat me well.)no disrespect to my husband,but he knows ive been boy-crazy all my life,lol! we're not that old and hopefully we will live long lives.but it never hurts to have a back up plan.i dont want to wind up an old widow with 400 cats,talking to my television for company! it aint over till its reeeeeaaaaalllly over!
 ** KDE環境でGTK 2.0アプリのフォントを変更(GTK-2.0のデフォルト・フォント設定) [#w56f9e69]
 - /etc/opt/gnome/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
  gtk-font-name="Serif 11"
  #gtk-font-name="MS PMincho 11"

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