1. Prescirption drop off2. Patient & Pharmacy3. The drop off app would function to take a photo of a scirpt received from the doctor's office and send directly to pharmacy. This app would also allow update of patient information (address, telephone number, insurance etc). a. The goal of this application is conveniance for the pharmacy as well as the patient. Too much time is spent dropping off prescirptions. This would be accomplished by the Pharmacy receiving scirpt photo of front and back and instead of the patient coming to the pharmacy at least twice, they would only need to come once to pick up the renewal or new scirpt. This app will have the ability to distinguish the scirpt (verify tamper resistance). Patients will also be able to indicate a pick up time. b. The primary challenge to successful use of this app would be patient awarness and ability for individuals to use the app correctly. This application would also be another form of QR or e-rx's to check every 30 minutes. Instead of coming from a doctor, it will come from the patient.

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