1. Medication Adherence2. Patient3. This app will help the patient to be more adenhert to his or her medications. The patient enters in all of the drugs that he/she is on and request an alarm or text message for when and how to take each drug. With this text message, an image of the pill along with important considerations will appear. For example, if a patient enters in omeprazole and choses the alarm option, the app will turn on the alarm shortly after the patient's waking alarm has been manually turned off (not just snoozed). The drug name, a picture of the pill , and  On Empty Stomach!  will appear with the alarm. Another example is if the patient is taking a tetracycline and choses the text option, a text will be sent at appropriate times during the day (if patient enters that they are instructed to take it two times a day, the app will automatically set at 8am and 8pm). Included in the text is the name of the drug, a picture, and  Not With Dairy! . So not only does this app encourage the patient to take the correct medicine at the right time, it also reminds them HOW to correctly take the medicine; all of these factors will increase adherence.4. The primary challenge to this app is that the patient must have their phone volume on (or vibrate on). This is a problem if a phone dies or the patient is in meetings all day, on vacation, etc. Hopefully this can be overcome by routine; in other words, the patient is so used to an alarm going off shortly after they wake (omeprazole example) that they just remember to take it.

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