60d1.  My app would target paenitt reminders about pharmacy prescription pickups and also contain pertinent drug information for the paenitt.2. Intended users would be pharmacy paenitts.3. (a): This app will work by alerting the paenitt to when their prescription is ready to be picked up at the pharmacy.  It will work by alerting the paenitt on their smartphone by a push-message or reminder icon on the phone. The app will not have to be opened to display its message to the paenitt (some sort of out of app notification will appear).  The app will also contain information on their current medications such as scheduling for administration and pertinent drug interactions or side effects.  The app will be smart enough to recognize possible drug interactions between conflicting medications and alert the paenitt of ways to alleviate any adverse symptoms that arise.  The app could also function as a virtual pill box to act as a reminder to the paenitt of when and what days to take their medication.(b): Some potential challenges to the app would include the need of the paenitt to have an available wireless internet source for the app to be constantly updating.  The app would also need software designed specifically for it to run its operations.  Their could be some liability concerns with the app suggesting ways to alleviate adverse drug interactions.  There might be an increase in pharmacy workload if multiple reminders for prescription pickup existed in the pharmacy (telephone, text message, this app).27
 could be dismissed qckiuly, something I now am aware of!). So, it seems that the game could be played offline, with minute charges only accumulating when the ad is accessed.What concerned me more was what happened when I attempted to install a program that simulates dogs barking (my only foray so far into an app with no socially redeeming quality!). The file was named something like IQ_dogbarking or something like that.The files were modified and sent by bluetooth to my phone. When I launched the file, the compiling process to about 5 to 10 seconds given that the file was about 300kb or so. Just after completion of this process, there was a flash display and a beep in my phone of 5 units or minutes. It was so fast all I could make out for sure was the number 5. Upon looking at the opening screen, I was told again that ads would appear and that a connection would be made with me being responsible for line charges. I backed out of the program. I then noticed that 5 minutes, had, in fact, been deducted from my line minutes.Somehow, for this app, the launching of it, although I had transferred the jar file to my phone for internal installation, involved connecting to the network to do some sort of processing to install the app. This led me to wonder, what other apps and games involve a network connection to be installed, not to mention, the number of times the use of these things involve network connections. My reason for installing these kinds of games and/or apps is to use them OFFLINE. With your experience of using these games and apps from mobilerated, have you had a similar experience, and to what extent are there additional minutes deducted due to ad display and use of these programs?For high quality games (I am trying to stay away from games that require excessive use of the buttons, like using them as a substitute for a joy stick, due to my belief that the use would greatly shorten the life of the buttons) and apps, I would prefer to pay a small amount for the use of the game or even a renewal fee than to have to pay in minutes for network connections for ad display every time I open up and close the game or app. Or maybe to be given the option of how charge is assessed.The jad file displayed the size of the program, the version, and a few other stats on the first page. Upon selecting "continue," there was an error message stating that the information didn't match the loaded program or something like that. I seem to have that message displayed with other jad files I have sent to my phone. Since I don't know what other information is displayed after "continue" is selected successfully, I can say only that the information on the first page is not needed.I did mention in a previous post that while I can execute the modification of a file in a jar form successfully by downloading, using 7-Zip to modify the file, using Windows Explorer search to send the file to my phone, zip files present a different problem for me since I cannot transform the file into a jar file by using the open archive and extract method.There must be some step I am not doing correctly.

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