60d1.  My app would target paenitt reminders about pharmacy prescription pickups and also contain pertinent drug information for the paenitt.2. Intended users would be pharmacy paenitts.3. (a): This app will work by alerting the paenitt to when their prescription is ready to be picked up at the pharmacy.  It will work by alerting the paenitt on their smartphone by a push-message or reminder icon on the phone. The app will not have to be opened to display its message to the paenitt (some sort of out of app notification will appear).  The app will also contain information on their current medications such as scheduling for administration and pertinent drug interactions or side effects.  The app will be smart enough to recognize possible drug interactions between conflicting medications and alert the paenitt of ways to alleviate any adverse symptoms that arise.  The app could also function as a virtual pill box to act as a reminder to the paenitt of when and what days to take their medication.(b): Some potential challenges to the app would include the need of the paenitt to have an available wireless internet source for the app to be constantly updating.  The app would also need software designed specifically for it to run its operations.  Their could be some liability concerns with the app suggesting ways to alleviate adverse drug interactions.  There might be an increase in pharmacy workload if multiple reminders for prescription pickup existed in the pharmacy (telephone, text message, this app).27

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