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 cb9ePrescribing is probably the most usuefl tool in retail pharmacy.  As a current intern in a retail pharmacy, I find that eprescriptions make workflow fast and efficient.  As a pharmacist I believe that eprescribing is convenient.  For example, as a pharmacist, I believe that if a script came in that was missing information, it would be very easy to locate the physicianse28099 information and phone number because all information is on the eprescription.  I would not like for physicianse28099 to become solely depended on eprescripting because of problems that occur with internet connections and networks. I believe that physicians should be able to adapt to both methods of prescribing and that if using eprescribing functions there should be a hard copy print off method in place. I would also be concerned with internet security, for example what are the protection mechanisms in place to guard against hackers to prevent the e28098stealinge28099 of prescriptions.  I believe that most patients (at least the younger generation) will be positively impacted.  I think that work generally flows faster and if there are questions the information is right there on the prescription.  On the other hand many of the elderly patients may not be so open minded about online prescription (this could be due to lack of understanding or concerns about individual identity security).It is my belief that many providers will be resistant to eprescribing initially.  To be honest there is not much benefit unless physician is aware that he or she is not writing a complete script every time and the physician is tired of receiving phone calls from the pharmacy to verify the prescription or to change it.  Of course the largest limit to eprescribing is cohesive software and user knowledge.  There are I sure plenty of different eprescribing software on the market but it needs to be regulated by a common group and needs to be compatible with other types of software as well.  Another limitation would be user training for both physicians and pharmacists.  This could be costly and time consuming for both parties involved.  There are some organizations (even at the national level) in place to oversee eprescribing.  However, since the majority of the country is still in the beginning phase of installing eprescribing, I imagine in a few years that these organizations will be overwhelmed with compatibility problems unless they are preparing for it now.I believe that the government is requiring eprescribing as part of the Medicare legislation and will give tax credit until 2015 and start penalizing after that.  I think that is a great idea, but I think that ite28099s not enough.  I think that in order to make it better the government should provide classes.  These classes should not be mandatory but should be in place for providers, third parties, and patients.  These classes could be on a variety of different topics, ranging from how to use eprescribing to the latest protection mechanisms in place to guard patient identify against hacker theft.  Another consideration is the difference of state law.  There will need to something in place in order to make eprescribing consistent across state lines.

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