1.)Health Related Shopping List2.)Patients3.)A) The goal of the app would be to provide diatrey advice to patients who have a variety of disease states. Patients could input what their primary health concerns are. The app would function as a shopping list and be capable of suggesting healthy meal ideas while a patient is planning their shopping trip. Patients would be capable of checking products off the list as they made their way through the grocery store. The app would have healthy recipes, and would adjust recommending recipes based on a patient’s health goal. A diabetic patient’s app would recommend products low in sugar where as a hyperlipidemia patient’s app would recommend products low in cholesterol. The app would have the capability of being tailored to fit that patient’s diatrey goals for his or her disease state. It would help patients eat healthy and eventually improve their overall quality of life.B) A primary challenge would be that older patients could find the app difficult to use. They may prefer using a handwritten list. Some patients may not like the food choices in the recipes offered on the app. Products in stores are always changing and being updated, so the app would need frequent monitoring and renovating.

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