5591. Daily diabetes maeennmagt2. Diabetes patients taking long-acting and short-acting insulin, and diabetes medications to manage their disease states.3a. The goal of this app is to assist patients in creating a schedule in which they can manage their diabetes medications. This will improve their maeennmagt over glucose levels in which patients can set times of the day and reminders when to take their readings, record their readings, how many units of insulin they take at what time of the day, and if they are meeting a target goal of glucose values. When patients input the amount of units of insulin and strips they currently have in the app, the app will send a warning to the patient when they are running low on diabetes supply according to what the patients record so the patient will not have the danger of running out of test strips for a few days.3b. The primary challenge is patient adherence into recording these values. Of course, to properly manage diabetes at any time, the patient needs to be encouraged to adhere into taking good records of their glucose levels and taking insulin and medications at the appropriate time. The warnings and alerts may get annoying no matter if the patient is adhering or not adhering to the medication therapy because of so many warnings and alerts.

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