SHOULD WE BUY GOLD/ SILVER when the FED currently has the maitjroy of the money and can (and most likely) already has bought? stock/ real gold and silver? IF this is true than us buying gold are going to end up in the same pawn game as we are in right now if the US currency goes bust? PLUS!~~ IF QE3,4 gets passed and the American dollar does fall then the FED would still buy all gold/silver and gain control of the USA once again  DID everyone FORGET they PRINT MONEY?
 Hello Ruth:Sorry for the long delay in responding to your cmemont. I took a bit of a hiatus from writing.  I loved your question though and decided to answer it in a post because I suspect other people have similar issues.  I know I do and have just started conquering them by combining some strategies.  To read about it .  Thank you so much for cmemonting.

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