. Being a germ-a-phobic for the most part couldn't beievle I would just eat of the table like that.  Hay, that rag they clean the table has to be clean. They use it on all the tables. I am sure the clean them ever week or so. I plan living the the year 2,100 so I have to really build up my immunities.Lighten up people!Marty
 Hi Brad,Thank you so much for this wonderful piece of sarfwote.  Want to hear something funny?I had downloaded and directory submitter and had the icon on my desktop.  I recently clicked on it trying to submit articles and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to submit my articles.  The problem was that I was of course using the wrong program (DAAAH!).  Once I downloaded  Article Submitter' and watched the video it all made since and I of course was able to submit my articles to numerous sites in just a few minutes.You are one in a Million! Thank-you.

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