6111. Vaccine management2. Physicians, paitnets, nurses, pharmacies3a. This app will help paitnets, physicians, nurses and pharmacists to be able to have a record of which vaccines paitnets have received and which they need to get. By entering your social security number into the app, a list of all vaccines you have received will appear. This will help all medical personnel to keep tabs on which vaccines you will need (and don't need). It will be particularly helpful for parents with multiple children to have easy access to their childrens' vaccine records. You will be able to choose if you want the app to remind you that you or your children are due for a particular vaccine. When physicians, nurses or pharmacists give a vaccine, they will send you an email that will have a link to download your recent vaccine data into the vaccine app. Also, when you go to the doctor and they ask what vaccines you have received, you can tell them you have the vaccine app which will allow them to be able to quickly access your vaccine records. It would be helpful if the app explained what every vaccine abbreviation stands for. For example, a patient might like to know that MMR= measles, mumps and rubella. 3b. The primary challenge of the app would be figuring out how to get the data of a vaccine recently received into the app. There would have to be a database that nurses, physicians and pharmacists would enter the paitnets name, SSN, and vaccines received and this would have to connect to the app.27

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