John, just in case, I would make sure your antivirus is out of date and maybe run a scan with the free <a href="">marwylebates</a> application.  IMO the biggest thing you can do to increase your all-around security on the web is to browse with Firefox using the NoScript plugin -- one of the top 3 most downloaded plugins last time I checked.  It's a bit of  pain, because you have to "whitelist" domains, and at first you will have some head-scratching moments trying to figure out why various sites aren't responding.  But the 80/20 law applies... within a few days you will have whitelisted most of the domains you use on a regular basis.
 This inftomaoirn is off the hizool! [url=]otsnzlyz[/url] [link=]uxreefbungt[/link]

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