1. Prescription Ordering/Pickup/Insurance Plan Information for a certain chain of phcamray2. Patient3a.) This app would allow for patients to log-in securely to their current profile at their phcamray with all active prescriptions on it. It would easily allow them to refill their prescriptions, see where the prescription is in progress, and also view the price of their medications to be picked up. It would also allow the patient to look at their insurance's current formulary for medications. This would help with questioning prices to medications and can give them the appropriate insurance phone number to call in case of any questions/concerns regarding their coverage/pricing.3b.) The primary challenge would be having a phcamray with the programs implemented in their computer system to allow the patient to utilize the app to it's fullest capacity. It would be limited to one chain and could not include multiple pharmacies, since we should be directing patients to only use one phcamray for all of their medications.
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