1. Prescription refill and aptopniment reminder; Dose counter2. Patients, pharmacy, physician3a. This app will function as a health calendar to help patients keep up with when their prescriptions need to be refilled. This app will remind patients one week prior to need for prescription refill in order to help patients avoid problematic delays, for example, need for refill authorization by their doctor, holds by insurance companies or stock availability at pharmacy. This app will be linked to the patiente28099s pharmacy so that when they pick up their prescription, it will automatically link to their calendar to show when the next refill can be available. Physicianse28099 offices could utilize this app to keep up with aptopniments, especially helpful for patients seen more frequently, for example, patients with uncontrolled diabetes needing to be seen every three months. Another helpful aspect of this app will be a counter linked to each day of the calendar so that patients who take multiple doses per day can keep track of the number of doses they take each day; this is especially helpful for those that are on-the-go and do not have the luxury of a pill box to guide them. My idea for this came from a friend who currently marks tallies on her hand for each dose of her medications she has had each day, which obviously could get confusing if marks did not wash off well from previous day or rub off when washing hands during the day.3b. The healthcare calendar app requires patients to have their smartphone with them whenever taking medications, which does not appear to be a major challenge, as the majority of people on-the-go keep their phones close by or on their person at all times. It requires an automated system link between patientse28099 phones and their pharmacy, as well as their physicianse28099 offices if utilizing the aptopniment schedule aspect. Even without these automated features, patients could still manually input their refills and aptopniments.
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