ed6The topic I have chosen is Clinical Decision Support (CDSS). While woknirg at CVS, I have encountered a clinical decision support system. CVS just implanted a new software system that makes checking for drug interactions easier and faster for the pharmacist. DUR or drug interaction rejects only happen when the interaction has fatal consequences. Once a DUR occurs, the pharmacist has to contact the patient and the physician to change one of the medications. CVS also has a CDSS for accuracy at filling. You must scan a barcode on the bottle and the label to make sure you are filling the right medication. I would like for CDSS to make our pharmacistse28099 lives easier, however, CDSS seems to make a pharmacistse28099 job harder. CDSS usually have many DUR rejects that can be annoying and unnecessary. I have witnessed my pharmacist skipping right through DURs every day because they are not serious DURs, but they still require the pharmaciste28099s attention. I would also like the CDSS accuracy scan reject sound to be a little softer because the whole pharmacy can hear when you get an accuracy scan wrong. CDSS accuracy scan makes medication errors less however, because of the accuracy scan at filling. I would not like for CDSS to make a pharmacistse28099 job more difficult. If a pharmacist is spending 90% of his or her time calling physicians for DURs then patients are not going to get the medications that they need. If pharmacists have to take each DUR as serious because the system will not let the pharmacist move on until he or she addresses it, it will make the work flow slower and less prescriptions will be filled.I feel that a CDSS will have a good impact on patients. Accuracy scans diminish medication errors at filling, and DURs can help diminish medication errors at verification. CDSS keeps patients from medications with serious interactions with their other medications. Also CDSS has a place for medication allergies, so at drop off our techs can check the prescription and make sure the patient is not allergic to the medication. This will help diminish ADRs due to allergic reactions.  I feel that CDSS will have a good impact on a pharmaciste28099s relationship with other providers. Physicians do not know that some medications have serious interaction with each other. DURs from the CDSS will help diminish medication errors that could have fatal consequences to their patients. Also physicians may not know what medications their patients are allergic to or that some medications that are in different classes have the same allergic reaction profile. With CDSS at CVS, we can help diminish fatal allergic reactions to medications.I feel that the limitations that exist with CDSS at CVS are that DURs are not only the ones that have serious consequences. The CDSS at CVS have DURs for medications even if the reaction is minimal. This can cause pharmacists to just click through that screen and they could possibly miss a fatal DUR by not paying attention. Also the allergies profile is not an essential part of drop off. If the tech at drop off is really busy, they could not notice that a patient is allergic to a medication a physician prescribed. I feel that the enablers that exist with CDSS at CVS are that the accuracy scan is efficient at making sure the techs filling the medications match the medication on the label.I feel that I can make the CDSS at CVS better by making sure the DURs that come up are only serious drug interactions, so that the pharmacists will pay attention to the DUR screen. I also would make sure that allergies would be processed on each prescription, so that a patiente28099s drug allergies are not missed and a medication that a patient is allergic to is filled for them.
 This in'gshtis just the way to kick life into this debate.

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