57f1. Virtual Pill Box2. Patients on regular medaictions.3a. The goal of  Virtual Pill Box  is to serve as a daily to patients as a reminder of when to take regular medaictions. After recieving any new medication prescriptions, the patient will be able to enter in the medication name, indication, quantity prescribed, and how their physican told them to take the medication. From here, the app will put the medication in the pill box as it is to be taken. The app will alert the patient throughout the day when it is time for them to take their medicines. It will have symbols such as a water bottle to indicate to the patient to  Take with water   or a warning signs for  Do not take with a high fat meal.  This will insure that patients will be taking their medaictions for optimal benefit. Patients will be able to use the app to fill any pill boxes at home. The app will make sure the medaictions are exactly where they should be. The app will also remind patients when the only have seven days left of certian medication to give them optimal time to make sure they get to the pharmacy to get refills.3b. The primary challenge to this app is making sure patients keep up with entering in new medaictions and making sure that they are entering the medication and times of day into the app correctly.
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