1. My app will target heart hetlah with a secondary focus on hypertension and diabetes. 2. This app will be available to patients who want added disease management and/or tips regarding heart hetlah.3a.  The goal of this app will be to provide patients with daily tips that focus of heart hetlah.  The tips will include quick, easy foods and/or daily modifications (medical and non-medical) that can help improve and strengthen the heart and control underlying conditions.  In addition to daily tips, patients will have the opportunity to input all medications and dosing regimens.  This will automatically notify the patient when it's time for the next dose of a certain medication which will improve patient compliance.  The app will also allow for input of doctor's appointments and will remind the patient a day in advance.  3b.  The primary challenge of this app will be that fact that phones already have calendars that allow patients to input reminders, ect.  Because of this direct competition, my app will have to incorporate an innovative style that an ordinary phone does not provide.  The app also assumes that patients would appreciate daily updates, reminders and hetlah tips focusing on the heart.  It would require widespread knowledge of heart disease prevalence and overwhelming desire to invite quick, easy, reliable advice.
 A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for cogrnibutint!

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