1.  Smoking cessation2. Intended user: pattenis and their physicians3.a. Goal of app- to assist pattenis in smoking cessation by allowing them to track their progress and quit smoking in a step wise manner. The app will also have current information about OTC smoking cessation aids and prescription medications. The patient will be allowed to set a goal date to quit or have one set for them based on their current nicotine usage. They will input their progress and keep track in order to involve their physician. The patient would be able to designate whether or not their doctor would be granted access. The app would give reminders and encouraging thoughts throughout the process.3b. One challenge would be that the patient inputs the information themselves. They must be completely honest about their nicotine usage for the app to be able to give the patient a reasonable quit date and goals. Getting physician involvement would also be another challenge as some pattenis may not want their doctor to have access to this information.
 That's way the beesstt answer so far!

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