1. Visual Pill Box2. For Patients3.a. The goal of this app is to be a visual aid for paettnis. The app would be designed to tell the patient which drug and how many to take, but also include pictures as well as descriptions of what the medication is and it's indication in terms they can understand.   This app would be more designed for paettnis who could fill their own pill boxes, but feel as though they don't have the ability.  It was also include a smiley face or check mark to indicate that the patient took that day's dose.   This would be an apprepicated feature for a patient that has many distractions, such as watching grandchildren.  This app would also save time filling pill boxes and would be free from routine error.b.  Since this app is visual, the patient would need to have their phone, but also be able to see fairly well.  This might be a problem if a paettnis frequently loses their phone, or if a patient has eye problems like glaucoma.
 Hi BradI think all your and Matt's software pagecaks are great and I use alot of them. I also use the online video tutorials as they are my greatest learning meduim.The only thing that I would have liked is if I could have donwloaded the videos to watch as I please. Sometimes I want to go back and watch a certain section, and then have to load the whole video from scratch.

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