4531. Medication adherence and inrueiqs about disease state management2. Patients3a. This app will remind patients when to take their medications throughout the day based on the schedule entered for that particular medication.  It will also give reminders for specific disease states entered such as checking your blood glucose, checking your feet for any injuries, monitoring your blood pressure, or giving helpful diet and exercise information if needed to help with a disease state.  It can also monitor for common adverse drug reactions by asking do you ever feel light-headed upon standing, do you exhibit symptoms of low blood sugar such as nausea, extreme hunger or nervousness, or do you experience nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.3b. The app will require patients to have their phone with them at all times or at least when they are scheduled to take their medications.  The answers to the adverse drug reaction questions will have to explain to patients why it is happening as well as if and when it is a major cause for concern and should see a health care practitioner.27
 That insight solves the prbelom. Thanks!

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