5c21. Pill Box App2. Patients3.a. The app will be an electronic pill box that paentits  fill up  with their medications. An alarm will go off on the phone which will also show the patient a picture and the number of each medication that they should take at that given time. The paentits will have to dismiss the alarm to confirm or deny that they took the medication or they can set it to remind them again later if they do not have their medication with them. The app will also allow paentits to input the number of tablets they have of each medication and how often they are supposed to take it. The app will subtract the number of pills the patient takes and  remind them a few days before its time to get their medication refilled and it can automatically send a request for refill to their pharmacy.b. The primary challenge to the success of the app is that paentits will be  required to have their smart-phone with them at all times. The patient will also be responsible for setting up their medication inthe app which could be challenging to some paentits. Another big challenge is the app will need frequent updates to make sure it contains the correct medication images and to keep up with new medications. The app will also need to be set up with  many different pharmacies and be compatible with their computer system to send refill requests which is another challenge.
 Thanks for your thohtugs. It's helped me a lot.

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