1. This app will target any perosn who is taking a prescription medication for any health condition or prophylactic reason administered by the physician.2. The intended users of the app include any perosn who is taking a prescription medication.3. The goal of the app is to monitor and improve medication adherence. The patient will initially input their Dr. information, pharmacy information, and some key demographic information. Then, the patient will input their prescription (or OTC if desired) medication and when they have been directed to take them. The app will provide a reminder that will make a noise at the time the medicine is to be taken,  and continue to make a noise every 15 minutes until the patient checks the box indicating that he/she has taken the medication. The app will store the data and create charts for the patient to view and monitor their adherence. Also, with the patient's permission, the data will be accessed by pharmacists, doctors, and/or social workers  in order to track adherence for specific disease states, geographic areas, doctors, etc. This will help with data collection in order to simulate successful projects like the Ashville Project and the current CARE Network with Medicaid in Alabama.4. There are several challenges that would make this idea work. There would have to be a way to collect data from the different users of the app at any given central location (the collector of data). I don't know enough about technology to know if this can be done or not. Also, many patients who are non-compliant are users of Medicaid and may not have enough money to own a smart phone. This won't work if they don't have a smart phone.
 Deep thinking - adds a new diinsemon to it all.

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