Brad, Article submitter and dcrietory submitter are GREAT I used both the other day finally. what about a RSS submitter I am in the process of doing some things with that to get more explosure and talk about time consuming. I hope this is the right place to have this on the wish list. thanks Michelle
 I found out in my fifties, reidang online.  What I read was about child molesters.  The research from various sources agreed on the whole that child molesters cannot be rehabilitated; that their drive toward children is as natural to them as ours is toward being gay or straight or bisexual.  Natural to them.  And that all they can do is be prevented from being around children.I haven't read much about rapists.  I've seen the same things we've all seen on television dramas or in movies, the lines written into the scripts that  rape isn't about sex, it's about power , and I think any kind of abuse between partners is unchangeable, too.  And yes, wouldn't it be great if all these people were taking off the streets permanently.  Yes.  Out of our neighborhoods.

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