I have been at this for 7 months now.I have lnaered more than I thoughtpossible in such a short  period of time.Most of my efforts have been the use ofthe tools  I need to build an online income.Thanks to tools like yours that I havepurchased or found for free. I am nowheaded in the right direction.I am building lists with splash pages.Using CB, have some adsense sites up,I am using affiliate products and  OTOon anything I can attach them to.I am looking for a mentor to teach mewhat I need to know.I have made some money and I now knowthis works, so my goals are to go withwhat works, expand on it,and enjoy it.Bill Thorn
 Hey Scott  I'm the guy that had the battery issue a coulpe years back that had me off the the dentist. Merry Christmas mate great vid and it looks great also I just wish the e-cig would take a look of its? own not like a analog or a pen what should a pv look like I wonder at least these folks are trying  cheers mate happy new year

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