We spend way too much time concerning osleervus about things that somebody tells us we shouldn't do. Everything in moderation.One thing that really gets me is anti-bacterial soap. If we use it then we are killing the good bacteria too. Do we want to do that? I purposfully avoid anti-bacterial wherever I can. I think we are going to have a heck of a problem in 40-50 years when I am on my way out or gone, when our bodies have not built up immunities. I wash my hands often, as necessary but not as much as they want me to. Bring on them germs! My microbes will beat them off! But the bums are getting to me! I catch myself grabbing the public bathroom door handle where I think nobody else has touched it and heavens, I actually have started to wear a helmut while riding my $5 bicycle. What in the world am I turning into!But as to the sun: I remember once when I was 18 laying out in the sun to get a tan (using sun tan lotion (SPF munus 3) and doing it for about 45 minutes and giving up because it was too hot. Ever since then I neither tried to get sun nor tried to ignore it. I do what I do. However, although I wore sunglasses most times throughout my life (I have prescription glasses) now I find it difficult to not have them on even if the sun is not shining and it is bright.And back to the bathroom door. We wash our hands (most times) after using the toilet and then we have to go to the door and almost always the bums have it swinging in so you have to grab that handle with your squeaky clean hands! Now wouldn't it make sense to have that door swing out so you can push on it with your shoulder if you want?  Now I understand that in Europe (Mike? Marty? Petra?) it is traditional to wash your hands before you go to the bathroom so as not to contaminate yourself? If that is true then the door swing doesn't matter.
 This is the perfect way to break down this inrtnmaoiof.

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